Does Nodle Need a Blockchain?

Does Nodle Need a Blockchain?

July 14, 2021

Yes, Nodle Cash is a vital part of our IoT network. Nodle solves crucial problems for IoT device manufacturers and developers. Nodle Cash supercharges that solution.

The Nodle Network

On its own, the Nodle Network is already a unique concept. It isn't realistic for every single IoT sensor to feature built-in cell connectivity. Nodle allows for that connectivity to be crowdsourced.

Piggybacking on smartphones, Nodle routes data from IoT devices to the internet. This potentially turns the billions of Bluetooth-enabled phones into data retrieval devices. Now, with minimal power usage, even the smallest of IoT devices can communicate with the internet.

Nodle Cash Ties It All Together

While the Nodle Network puts the infrastructure in place, Nodle Cash incentivizes its use. Nodle Cash enables features that would not be feasible otherwise. For example:

In short, smartphone owners can earn Nodle Cash for connecting nearby IoT devices and sensors to the internet.

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