Mining Rewards for Validators

Mining Rewards for Validators

July 30, 2021

With Proof of Work systems like Bitcoin, new coins are mined by solving computational puzzles. With Nodle Cash, new coins are created when IoT data is added to our network. We call this Proof of Connectivity.

When these coins are mined, they're delivered to edge nodes as a reward for transmitting that IoT data. Validators collect 10% of those newly-mined coins.

But the network does not value all data equally. The amount of Nodle Cash that edge nodes receive for their data depends on several factors.

Paid Packets

Subscribers can entice edge nodes to transmit their data by paying a premium. Paid packets have a higher value than packets created by background IoT devices.

Node Density

In regions where there are few edge nodes, those nodes will receive higher rewards for the data they deliver. This serves to entice contributions in areas with low network coverage.


Packets that have less time between them will enjoy bigger rewards. This incentivizes edge nodes to deliver packets as quickly as possible. In areas where cellular data is expensive, Wi-Fi offloading may be used—but at a lower reward.

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